party games party games party games
party games party games party games

When you are celebrating your kid’s birthday party, a major task is to decide on the birthday games. Here are three games that are sure to help you keep the children entertained.

Musical passing the Parcel: In this game, you wrap the final prize in layers of wrapping. In each layer of wrapping insert an activity for the child to perform. Write the activity on a piece of paper. The children need to sit in a circle and you need to turn on the music. As the music plays the children must pass the gift around and as soon as the music stops, the child holding the gift must open the first layer of wrapping. The same child needs to perform the activity and then move out of the game. This continues until a child opens up the wrapping to the final prize. This child is declared the winner! You can spin the game to suit the theme by including activities related to the theme.

Touch and Feel: Here is a game that tests the mind ability of a child. You give a pencil and a piece of paper to each of the kids. Fill a bag with stuff related to the theme of the party. Blindfold the children one at a time and ask them to feel the items using their hands, for a fixed amount of time like 30 seconds-1 minute. Then the kids are to pen down the items they felt in the bag. The winner is the child who manages to write down maximum of the items correctly.

Pin the Sketch: Here you need to have a sketch of one of the characters of the themed party. For example, if it is a circus theme, you can have a clown, if it is a jungle theme, you can have a lion, and if it is an aqua theme you can have a fish. You can paste the sketch on the wall. Blindfold the children, one at a time and ask them to pin the particular section of the sketch. You can ask them to pin the nose of the clown or tail the animal. The winner of the game is the one who pins closest to the said position.

Apart from these you can have a number of other games like Treasure hunt, balloon bursting, Wrap up like a mummy game or musical chairs. The more the number of games at the birthday party, more the excitement among the children.

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